AT-AT 40th Anniversary "The Empire Strikes Back"

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    Very simple model kit for the heavily armored AT-AT, which was also used for the attack on the rebel base on the ice planet Hoth. The front, heavy armament covers a large field of fire, since the head swivels. The "All Terrain Armored Transport" is dropped and picked up by large DropShips on planets, which themselves don't even come close to combat.

    • Finely engraved surfaces
    • Movable legs
    • Large fuselage parts

    Included in delivery:
    plastic model kit (unassembled), illustrated, multilingual building instructions, decals, paints (Revell Aqua Color), glue (Revell Contacta Professional Mini), reprint of the original


    Age recommendation:10+

    Number of parts:65




    film poster, brushes

    Level 3 diffulity

    - $149.00

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