Epic Encounters: Shrine of the Kobold Queen

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    Available for pre-order and release date will be on October 12, 2020.

    Designed to work with the 5th edition of the world’s favourite roleplaying game, Epic Encounters gives any Gamemaster the tools to create a cinematic experience that will challenge and excite their players.

    • 20 Miniatures:
      • 1x Mother Krangor
      • 1x Priest of the Bloody Flame
      • 1x Fire Brand Kobold Champion
      • 1x Magma Belcher Basilisk
      • 2x Basilisk Handler
      • 2x Fire Brand Assassins
      • 4x Fire Brand Kobold mounted on Ember Rage Fire Snake
      • 8x Fire Brand Kobold
    • Double-sided game mat
    • Adventure book
    • Monster’s stats
    • Tips and tricks for building tension and excitement

      - $89.99

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