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    The Flexo Beginners Pack is the perfect way to get started with Flexo. The Beginners Pack includes enough Flexo Bricks and Tendons to build several stand-alone Flexo models such as the Flexo Ball, while also giving you a taste of the wonderful ways Flexo can add to your brick collection, without breaking the bank. The Flexo Beginners Pack makes an ideal birthday or Christmas gift. The Flexo Beginners Pack comes in a convenient storage box with compartments to keep your bricks and tendons organised.

    • Approx package dimensions: 23 x 16 x 6 cms
    • Contents: Fifty 2x2 Flexo Bricks
    • Fifty 4x2 Flexo Bricks
    • 304 Tendons (four different lengths)
    • Insertion tool
    • Storage box/organiser
    • Brick color: grey
    • 100% compatible with major brands of construction bricks.

    - $24.95

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