Ki-gu-mi Wooden Art

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    Each 3D jigsaw puzzle is designed in Japan with traditional woodworking techniques. These Japanese wooden puzzles use unique and efficient joinery to create amazingly stable and beautiful structures. Ki-Gu-Mi 3D jigsaw puzzles are made using lightweight, pre-cut plywood. The construction process is very simple – all the required parts of each model come flat-packed in a number of pre-cut sheets. You then follow the instructions, and piece-by-piece your Ki-Gu-Mi puzzle comes to life!

    From animal puzzles like the Alpaca to large replicas of the Eiffel Tower, there is a perfect puzzle for every age. The more large, complex designs like the Ferris Wheel can be challenging for adults, while cute, simple designs like the Penguin are perfect for kids.

    Arc de Triomphe - $15.00
    Lucky Cat - $15.00
    Antique Clock Watch Case - $15.00
    Biplane - $15.00

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