PolyHero Dice Rogue Set

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Palace Purple
Midnight Blue

    Available for pre-order and the release date will be in May.

    Get stealthy with PolyHero Rogue dice! Each 7-piece set has all the dice you need for your favorite role playing games. The dice are crafted in amazing new shapes that will help inspire your imagination.


    • PolyHero Rogue dice (Palace Purple with Gilded Gold)
    • d20 is shaped like a powder keg
    • d12 is shaped like a jewel
    • d10 and d00 are shaped like loot bags
    • d8 is shaped like a crossbow bolt
    • d6 is shaped like a poison bottle
    • d4 is shaped like a dagger
    • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3 Years Old

    Palace Purple - $39.99
    Nightshade - $39.99
    Midnight Blue - $39.99

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