Screaming Bell

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    The Skaven Screaming Bell is a large centrepiece for a Skaven collection. Boulders, which are strapped securely in place, are borne aloft on precarious, rickety timber beams. Rising up from these stands a stone archway, which acts as the frame for a huge bell. A Grey Seer stands on top and the bell itself is pulled on a chain by a Rat Ogre. This many-wheeled device is covered in spikes, while cressets and censers stand at the front, emitting a thick smoke.

    This multi-part plastic box set contains fifty-four components with which to make one Skaven Screaming Bell or Plague Furnace, and includes one Citadel 120mm Oval base. Rules for the Screaming Bell can be downloaded for free in the Skaven Warscroll Compendium.  

    - $96.00

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