Ultimate Guard Katana Japanese Size Sleeves White (60)

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    Available for pre-order and release date will be on November 27, 2020.

    The Katana family has finally extended its line to include all Japanese Sized cards. Precision-made, extremely durable sleeves, the new Katanas in Japanese Size are ideal for tournament gameplay, meeting the highest standards for collectors and players alike. Shield your cards like a real Samurai would and become part of the new dynasty of card protection!

    Product Features

    • Made in Japan
    • Impeccable clarity
    • Extra long lifespan and durability
    • Perfect shuffling
    • Acid free, no PVC

    Technical Specs

    • Size: 62 x 89 mm
    • Fitting: Ideal-Fit
    • Content: 60 Sleeves per pack

        - $14.99

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