Ultimate Guard Mini American 9 Pocket FlexXfolio Black Folder

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    High quality portfolio with flexible cover, elastic closure band and 20 integrated 9-pocket-pages for all Mini American sized board game cards. Ideal for Damage and Upgrade Cards of Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game™. Size: 225 x 185 x 12 mm Side-Loading Pocket Design Prevents your cards from falling out of your FlexXfolio™ when carrying it around. Ideal for X-Wing miniatures Game™ Ideal for Damage & Upgrade Cards of X-Wing Miniatures Game™. Holds up to 360 sleeved cards 20 Acid free 9-Pocket-Pages Made of extra clear and archival safe polypropylene. Completely free of PVC and acidic materials Durable Cover Double-layer skin for maximum protection. Elastic Closure Band Keeps your FlexXfolio™ securely locked and holds the pages together

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