UNi-PRO Trade 160mm Flocked Foam Roller Gloss Kit 10mm Nap

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    • The UNi-PRO Trade range combines high-quality components with trade fabrics to give you maximum performance and professional results.
    • Perfect for getting in and around areas requiring a detailed finish.
    • Ideal for use on smooth surfaces, doors and cupboards, window trims and architraves, varnishes and metal surfaces.
    • The 160mm flocked foam is best suitable for use with gloss & satin paints for a perfect, smooth gloss and satin finish.
    • Flocked foam 10mm nap.
    • Interior and exterior use.
    • Easy to use and compatible with 160mm slide-on roller frames.
    • The frame also suits standard 160mm roller sleeves and is threaded to fit most standard extension poles.
    • Kit includes a tray, slide-on roller frame and 2 covers.

    - $15.90

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